Polyester Strapping

Why Polyester Strapping?
Polyester’s unique physical qualities make it one of the best strapping materials to use for securing any type of palletized or unitized load. Depending on the size of steel strapping currently being used, polyester strapping can provide up to a 25% savings in strapping costs. Polyester can eliminate the need for metal seals in certain applications, which provides additional savings and reduces product damage that might occur through the use of other packaging alternatives.

Elongation Recovery
Provides approx. 2% elongation at normal work tension, which allows the materials to stretch. The strapping will recover this elongation, however, keeping the strapping tight around the package.

Moisture & UV Resistance
Since it is plastic, it is moisture-resistant and therefore unaffected by rusting that might occur with other packaging alternatives that may stain or affect the quality of your product before it gets to its destination. Our polyester strap is also UV resistant to protect strapping from long periods in the sun.

Recycling Polyester Strap
Polyester strapping can be easily recycled by being cut into small pieces and accumulated in clean containers for recycling.

samuel polyester strapping

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