BeA 14/50-785C Stapler

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BeA 14/50-785C Stapler

Specifically designed for the rugged demands of industrial applications such as furniture framing. Specific airflow characteristics make the 14/50-785C the fastest tool in the industry.
Very light, fast, and well-balanced 16/17 gauge (7/16“ crown) stapler.
Fast shot sequence, increases productivity.
Powerful drive up to 50 mm (2“).
New ergonomic handgrip, operator friendly, less fatigue.
Adjustable exhaust.
Depth-control adjustment for best performance.
New magazine design for quick reloading.
Quick release front nose.
Available with contact actuation or with single-shot actuation.
Accepts all staples type 14 and 16 from 25 – 50 mm (1“ – 2“).
Quality made in Germany.
Slanted nose for flush stapling.

Additional Information

Magazine Type

Top Loader

Fastener Type

Type 14 and type 16

Magazine Capacity

Type 14 = 168 staples
Type 16 = 152 staples

Operating Pressure

6 – 8 bar (90 – 120 psi)

Max Pressure

8 bar (120 psi)

Air Consumption

1.10 litre / 6 bar

Package Includes

Operating instructions, spare parts list,

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