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The technology that is already protecting concrete from some of the harshest environments in the world can now protect your existing walls and ceiling. Octaform QuickLiner fastens to your structure and instantly transforms walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fading, and dirt.

Installs Quickly
Whether you need to trim an opening or fix a mistake, use our Snap-Trim™ system to finish any wall location quickly and professionally.  Easily replace damaged or vandalized panels without removing and re-installing multiple interlocking panels. Simply cut out and replace the affected area. Octaform’s anchor strip fastens easily between the panels, allowing a finishing cap to be snapped in place.

QuickLiner forms a barrier between your wall and the elements that can harm it. Whether it is moisture or harsh cleaning chemicals, our PVC building liner is your best line of defense. It transforms damaged walls with a new, bright finish.  Once installed, QuickLiner PVC panels protect and extend the life of your walls.

  • Our PVC building liners are easy to clean and don’t support mold
  • Protect your walls from heat, moisture and chemicals and create a bright environment with our PVC liners.
  • Quickliner PVC wall and ceiling panels are durable and hygienic. Extruded from food-grade PVC, they can be used in food-processing facilities, clean rooms and anywhere biosecurity is important.


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Additional Information

Fire Rated

Classified in accordance with ASTM E 84 or UL 723

Chemical Resistance

Inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts & paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions

Food Safe

Meets CFIA requirements for food safety.

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