R+ Heatshield

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R+ Heatshield

R+HEATSHIELD is Innovative Energy’s line of radiant barrier insulation products made from a strong woven polyethylene material covered by a metalized film. This metalized film provides a reflective surface that blocks 95 percent of radiant heat, so it helps keep spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter at an affordable cost. The perforated option of R+HEATSHIELD can be ideal for an attic space as it allows the spaces to breathe, while still dramatically improving the thermal performance and energy efficiency of your building. This keeps energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable. Our material is puncture and tear-resistant and can act as a moisture barrier in the solid option. R+HEATSHIELD is a popular choice in climates that are warm all year round. See our installation guides below, or call in to answer more questions

What Is Radiant Barrier?
A radiant barrier is a reflective material that is used to effectively block the transfer of radiant heat. Radiant barriers typically come in sheets with a highly reflective surface on one or both sides, depending upon the application. A good radiant barrier blocks 95 percent of radiant heat transfer, making it highly effective at controlling the transfer of heat from one space to another. For example, installed properly in an attic, a radiant barrier will make the attic cooler in the summer, leading to lower cooling costs and more comfortable home.

What Types of Applications Are Appropriate?
There are many applications for the building industry (e.g., residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural). R+HEATSHIELD is thin and lightweight, so it’s ideal for controlling temperatures in any space-constricted situation (such as in a recreational vehicle or inside machinery that requires temperature control in order to function properly).

Additional Information

Do I Need Airspace?

All Low E materials achieve the majority of their thermal performance ONLY when they face an air space. “E” stands for emissivity, the converse of reflectivity. Low E surfaces like R+HEATSHIELD, when facing an air space, will either reflect 95 percent of the heat that is directed to them across the air space, or they won’t emit more than 5 percent of the heat that is conducted to them.

Can I Install It Myself?

R+HEATSHIELD is a perfect do-it-yourself product to enhance the current insulation in your attic. It is lightweight, easy to install and will reduce energy consumption. Scroll down this FAQs section to see our “FAQs for Residential Attic Installation”. Also, scroll down this page to see the R+HEATSHIELD Installation Guide.

Does It Require Special Tools?

No. R+HEATSHIELD can be cut easily with a razor blade or scissors and installed with common staples, nails or screws.

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