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To provide greater comfort and energy-efficient living, the easiest way to stop heat transfer between ground and slab is to install Slabshield® insulation. Build energy-efficient structures from the ground up by using revolutionary Slabshield®. Developed with the same ESP LOW-E® energy-efficient technology that goes into all ESP LOW-E® Insulation products, Slabshield®offers unique benefits not found in other under-slab products. Slabshield® is engineered to not only help prevent heat transfer from ground to slab but also to provide a vapor barrier that protects basements from excess moisture. Slabshield® is designed with a layer of closed-cell polyethylene applied to both sides of a reflective foil layer. The closed-cell foam is a vapor barrier. ESP Slabshield® is puncture resistant up to 93 psi and crush resistant up to 70 psi. Unlike other rigid under-slab insulation, Slabshield® adjusts and molds itself to the contours of the grade providing a better and stronger concrete pour. Slabshield® is easy to apply and will not crack or break like traditional board insulation when walked on. It is lightweight and cuts easily with a utility knife. Slabshield® comes in rolls with innovative interlocking tabs that provide a perfect seam when using several rolls side by side.


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Benefits Of SlabShield

Decrease slab response time.
Excellent vapor barrier.
Exclusive interlocking tabs.
Convenient and lightweight.
Puncture resistant to 93 psi.
Crush resistant to 70 psi.
Superior thermal performance.
Closed-cell foam (not bubble pack).
Helps retain curing moisture for stronger concrete.

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